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In the field of hot pressing, electro-tracing has acquired an increasingly important role. A great many years in planning and building have ensured that in ELMAFORGE we build machines working with such a precision that the user is offered the chance to solve all the problems occasioned by the ever more demanding needs of modern technology, by the high costs of raw materials, electricity and manpower, and the search for increasingly better working conditions in the environment where we operate.

Thanks to the SELF-LEARNING system introduced by us on this type of machines, the operator has a chance during the planning stage, since the very first piece, to see in advance the result of the pre-forming in respect of the processed detail. The result obtained, guaranteed by our control equipment, will remain so during its production and at the time of recalling the same processing.

While reminding you of the fact that the machines produced by us are available in single-phase and three-phase 50-60 Hz version, save for the V-Series which is currently single-phase only, we provide you in the following table with some first contact indications.

    Serie-V ERI60 ERI140 ERI200 ERI400
    28 46        
Maximum heating capacity Ø 9.5 7.2 26 42 60 80
Minimum heating capacity  Ø 4.5 12.8 13 14 20 25
Maximun tracing length mm mm 300 450 500 500 650 700
Maximum length of the plank to be traced mm 360 500 700 1500 1800 2000
Minimum length of the plank to be traced mm 150 150 80 250 250 250